The primary aim of this institution is to lay more emphasis not only to develop the technical skills of our students, but also to nurture professional competency, self-confidence, managerial abilities and entrepreneurial development.

We have started with 40 students and at present our students strength is 5300. We offer 15 UG courses, 11 PG courses, 1 PG Diploma in Computer Applications and 5 Research Departments (Ph.D.,(Commerce, Computer Science, Tamil, Social Work, Maths), M.Phil., in Commerce, Social Work and Computer Science).

We have a dedicated band of 228 (222 full time and 6 guest lectures) members of teaching and 207 non-teaching members(90 full time and 117 part time workers).

Our staff members have been appointed as members of various boards of studies and render consultancy services to various Universities, NGO and Government organizations.


Our vision is to promote Academic Excellence, inculcate qualities of Competence, Confidence and Excellence for Employability and developing Self Reliant individuals.


  To impart higher education to women students from local and rural areas.

  To inculcate knowledge of a high order and to instill in the students a scientific approach to information technology

  To make our wards aware of entrepreneurial development.

  To impart skills to the level of excellence and thus present a value system in the youth entrusted to us.


  To empower students to participate in social, cultural and economic spheres and contribute positively to the uplift of the society

  To promote academic excellence by adopting customized learner focused methodologies.

  To develop self reliant and competent women by tapping and nurturing their potential through curricular and extracurricular activities.

  To provide skilled manpower by imparting in depth knowledge and keeping abreast with changing trends in technology.

To inculcate the spirit of nationalism, uprightness and self confidence enabling themselves to become responsible members of the society and useful citizens of the nation.