Dr.M.A.Parveen Banu , Associate Professor

The SLO on GST would be helpful to the students to gain knowledge about Basic Concepts of GST, GST Act and its Model which will enable them to get more insights on the Advantages and Components of GST. Thus it makes them to understand about the composition of GST council in detail.

Goods and Service Tax

  Dr.R.Seethalakshmi , Assistant Professor

The students will be able to understand the concept of niche marketing and can apply it as a marketing strategy for focusing a specific segment of customers. It can also be a first step for their startups.

Niche Marketing

  Dr.S.Sowmya , Assistant Professor

Students often get confused with the term “Debentures” and its impact in a company. The SLO is presented in a creative way to make the students understand the features of debentures and expound the managerial issues related to debenture financing in a firm


   Ms.A.Vinodhini , Assistant Professor

The SLO would be helpful to the students to understand the concept of kaizen tool in TQM and to know the methods and application used in kaizen to improve the quality management process.

Kaizen tool in TQM