Ms.S.Jayashree Agarwal , Assistant Professor

The SLO would be helpful to use the Preposition of Time - In, On, At appropriately and effectively. The technique employed will enable them to avoid confusion and use the prepositions correctly.

Usage of Preposition - In, On, At

  Ms.R. Shanthi , Assistant Professor

The SLO would be helpful to the students of B.A English to know the various ages through which the universal language, English, has travelled to reach this Post - Modern Age. The technique will enable them to retain the chronological order of the Ages and view a work by linking the author's age and its characteristics.

Introduction to the Ages of English literature

  Ms.P.K.Durgadevi , Assistant Professor

This SLO shall help the students of English Literature to understand the basics of Postmodernism. It deals with how postmodernism came to existence and this would instigate the students to know more about the concepts and associated with postmodern theory.


  Dr. T.V.SUBBULAKSHMI , Assistant Professor

The SLO would give an overview on the nature and importance of Group Discussion in the professional world. This would throw light on how to participate in GD's and how to exchange opinions and suggestions in GD's.

Group Discussion- An Overview

  Dr.A.Suganthi , Assistant Professor

Common mistakes in English are often made by the speakers, who have learnt English as a second or a foreign language. These slips are the cause for the loss of quality and credibility of the spoken or written language. These common mistakes could be grammatical mistakes or mistakes made in the usage. One such wrong usage of the phrase 'Used To' is found among the different level English language users. This video footage is a sincere attempt to help learners to refer, learn and rectify errors. This multimedia proponent has been developed based on a prevalent scenario; it teaches, illustrates and evaluates the learners to ensure the right usage of 'Used to' and helps avoiding the common mistake.

Common Mistakes in English Topic: Phrase - " Used to"