The hostel is housed in three buildings and named as A, B and P.G Blocks comprising 245 rooms out of which 219 are marked for students.The rooms are adequately furnished and are provided with mosquito netting and fans. Apart from these, each floor has a water purifier in all the buildings. Presently there are 1207 college students including school students who are studying in Cauvery Matriculation School which is a sister institution of our college.

Faculty members staying in the hostel are provided with attached bathrooms and a separate dining room. Adjoining the P.G hostel a building has been constructed to make provision for a separate room for the hostel secretary and hostel office.

Telephone and intercom facilities have been provided for all the blocks. Telephone card system is an added dimension to the otherwise well equipped hostel system. For this, separate telephone connections and telephones have been installed in each block.

Sodium vapour lamps illuminate the entire campus from 6 p.m to 6 a.m. A new high mast lamp is inserted or fitted in the hostel ground. Kitchen was modified as A1 kitchen. Power cuts have never been a problem for our students since 83 kv generator has been installed exclusively for the hostel. Separate washing area is provided near each block. Adequate lines are provided in all the blocks for hanging clothes.