Dr.A.Bhuvaneswari , Associate Professor

The SLO would provide a glimpse to the students to have a basic idea about "What is Internet of Things?" the fundamental component and its functions and some of the real life applications of IoT which is the emerging topic in the field of technology. This might ignite the thrust of students towards IoT.

What is Internet of Things

  Ms.P.Tamilselvi , Assistant Professor

The SLO would be helpful to students to understand the task carried out by the Operating system and hardware to accommodate multiple processes in main memory. So, the memory needs to be allocated efficiently in order to pack as many processes into memory as possible. One of the memory allocation scheme called First - Fit memory allocation has been explained with an example.

First - Fit Memory Allocation

  Ms.S.Suguna Devi , Assistant Professor

The SLO gives a brief concept about transaction properties such as Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability(ACID) in database management system with suitable illustration.It also reveals the fact that the transaction properties are the four pillars of world economic market.

ACID transactions in Database management Systems