Dr.B.Thamilmaraiselvi , Professor and Head

This SLO is very useful for the students to understand the role of immune cells in our body and it clearly shows the various steps involved in the process of phagocytosis (cell eating).


  Dr.S.Jeyabharathi , Assistant Professor

i)The SLO would be helpful for the students to understand the basic characters of viruses.

ii)This enhances the student’s critical thinking while they start learning about size and shapes of viruses.

iii) From this students might aware of viral replications and their impacts.

iv)This would give better understanding of Host viral interactions.

v) After completing this SLO there would be a brief knowledge about precautionary measures of viruses and viral vaccines.

General Properties of Viruses

  Ms.N.Sathammai Priya , Assistant Professor

This SLO has been evolved for the benefit of students to acquire the knowledge about extremophiles and it also helps us to know about the applications of extremophiles.


  Dr. P.F.Steffi, Assistant Professor

This SLO is designed to differentiate between gram positive and gram negative organisms. It will provide an idea about gram staining technique.

Gram’s staining