Strict adherence to the rules specified below is compulsory on the part of every resident student. Disobedience of the rules or any misconduct will result in removal from the Hostel.

  1. The duties and responsibilities, if any, given to them are to be executed in good faith and sincerity.
  2. Any grievance or complaint should be brought to the notice of Warden or Deputy Warden through House Keepers immediately.
  3. The residents are not permitted to have any direct contact with the hostel servants.
  4. Students are not permitted to wear costly materials, jewels, etc. and they whould not have large amount of cash with them. It is the responsibility of the individuals to keep their articles safely. Students should open SB A/c with UCO Bank Extn. Counter within our College Premises.
  5. The students are not permitted to use tape recorders, transistors, heaters, fans, iron boxes, cell phones etc.,
  6. Inmates are not permitted to entertain day-scholars, friends and others inside the rooms. Inmates must not invite guests for food in the hostel mess.
  7. Newspapers, magazines, play materials and other articles should not be taken out of the common reading room.
  8. Residents feeling sick should immediately report the matter to the Warden through the House Keepers.
  9. Members shall not enter the kitchen. They shall sit in the dining hall in the order in which they enter it. They shall treat the cooks and servants with kindness and consideration.
  10. No member shall disfigure the walls and doors or cause any damage to any hostel property. Any such damage shall be reported to the Warden at once and it shall be paid for at such rates as shall be fixed by the authorities.
  11. No notice shall be put or circulated in the hostel premises without the permission of the Warden.
  12. If rooms are found locked or empty with lights on, all the inmates of the rooms will be held jointly responsible and a fine of Rs.5/- per day will be charged.
  13. Outsiders should not be invited to any function in the Hostel.
  14. Members shall not remove or exchange furniture allotted to them.
  15. Violent discussion and disputes should strictly be avoided. No member shall ever participate in any political, communal or anti-social activities. They shall not organize,convene or hold meeting in or outside the hostel premises without previous permission of the Warden.
  16. Arrangements are made for the dispatch of letters and the incoming message will be given through the Warden. Cloth washing can be done through Dobi arranged for this purpose.