The rapport that exists among the management, staff and students is enviable. There are a few welfare programmes devised for the staff which helps to keep the staff in good morale.

1. Staff Welfare Scheme – I

Staff welfare fund is run by the teaching staff wherein they are eligible to apply for a loan of Rs. 5,000/- interest free in times of financial crunch out of a contribution of Rs. 1000/- per individual staff besides Rs. 1,00,000 from the management.

2. Staff Welfare Scheme – II

Staff teaching and non-teaching are gifted a respectable amount in cash to mark the occasion of one’s marriage / house warming ceremony / academic award, etc.

3. Provision of Special Loan

The college arranges loans through nationalized banks for the staff to meet the needs of house construction and marriage to be repaid in equal monthly installments.

4. Motivational Strategy

The management recognizes the services rendered by the teaching and non-teaching staff in a special way-compliments by an increase in salary during the Silver Jubilee celebrations and NAAC Re-accreditation.

5. Diwali Bonus

Management is magnanimous to extend a bonus of 100% of their salary to the teaching staff and a bonus of a one-month salary to the non-teaching staff.

6. Appreciative Gesture

Rank holders in the university examination are given gold medals worth Rs. 500/- each by the management during the convocation held in the college every year. The management extends gold medals irrespective of special compliments to the first rank holders.

In appreciation of extra ordinary programme of students in the university results, the Management hosts a special lunch for the staff every year.

7. Computer Literacy

Department of Information Technology, Computer Science and Computer Applications jointly ventured and conducted a free computer orientation course for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the college.

8. Free education to the poor

The management identifies many poor and deserving students every academic year and provides free education, free boarding and lodging. Meritorious students who excel in sports are also given such a privilege. LEO club of CCW provides free lunch daily to the deserving students. Students also contribute a valuable amount on their Birthday to extend their help towards free education.

9. CAPSA (CauveryCollege Past Students Association)

CAPSA fund was formed out of the contribution by the outgoing students. The fund has been utilized towards payment of mess fees, tution fees and exam fees for a few students. A book bank has been initiated to assist the economically weak students in each department and books has been distributed to the students.

10. Towards Public Consciousness

Construction of Swimming Pool: The management magnanimously donated Rs.10,00,000/- towards construction of the swimming pool at Anna stadium, Trichy.

Gujarat Earthquake Relief: During 2001-2002 , a sum of Rs.2,00,000/-was collected towards Gujarat relief fund and donated the same to the victims of earthquake.

Distress Relief: To ameliorate the hardships of the Tamil Nadu weaving community all the teaching and non-teaching staff bought handloom sarees worth Rs.1,00,000/- .

Sale in aid of handicapped people: A grand exhibition cum sale was arranged to rehabilitate the socially, mentally and physically handicapped. More than a dozen organizations (NGO’s) namely KLA, TRUST, ANBALAYAM, VIDIVELLI, Rehabiliation Home for the Blind (women) & men). ANNAI ASHRAM, HOLLY CROSS SERIVCE SOCIETY,Spastic Society etc took part in it.

11. Conservation of Secularism

On every Monday at 9.00 a.m. there is a college assembly which begins with an invocation song from Subramania Bharathi, our National Poet, followed by readings from the Gita, the Qur'an and the Bible and a national Pre-Amble Oath. Each department arranges this in rotation.

12. Juniors and Comrades

Freshers Day, is celebrated to nurture the fresh students mind coming from various walks of life and creeds to have a spiritual harmony in thought and action. Various offerings are brought and placed in front of Goddess Saraswathi, Jesus Christ and Allah. The significance of the offerings is read to the audience which is brought out below.

Prayer: Behold the fowls of the air, for they sow not, neither do they rcap, nor gather into barns,yet our heavenly father feedeth them. Are ye not much better than they. The offerings are brought and placed in front of Goddess Saraswathi, Jesus Christ and Allah.

Water: To you we bring this day Oh Lord, water which is the elixir of lift.

Rice : In implicit devotion, we offer to you Oh Lord, the sweet of our peasants and farmers-rice. Nourish us, who consume it, so that we may become healthy and strong beings.

Milk: With arms wide open, we lay at your alter the health of this nation which is milk, a mark of motherhood and infancy. To this we tag our prayer for a heart ever filled with the milk of human kindness.

Coconut: The riches of our soil we hand over to you to you in this branchless fruit. We offer the glory of our land and our wholehearted devotion.

Fruits and Vegetables: A manifcstation of your plenty back to you. Let our lives to equally fruitful in your service.

Flowers: Are a symbol of this cycle process of life youth and of beauty – we plead to you god to fashion our students in unfading charm through the unfailing love and concern you have for all of us.

Clothes: We pray that God may ever clothe us in spirituality and modesty and jealously guard us from wordly temptations and strengthen us to abidc by moral values.

Cosmetics: May these aids be a means only to enhance the beauty or our creation and not enslave us to an artifical empty life.

Perfumes: These arethe embodiments of your wealth and mountains and forests. May be spend ourselves in the service of men and spread around the perfumes of the glory and knowledge of god.

Musical Instruments:Through these we express and concentrate to you our joy, our art and our creativity. We offer prayers through the melody of our hearts and the melody of our instruments.

Games Equipments:We offer these our aids to build up, strength up body and hence strength of mind so that our hours of recreation may be spent in co-operative efforts and that we may develop a sporting spirit, magnanimity to appreciate other’s success in skills and universal interest. The important thing in sport is not the success but the participation. The important thing in life is not the success but the way of life that we adopt.

Books: In these we offer our world of knowledge and enlightenment with a prayer of God’s blessings on us and to crown our learning with success.

Instruments of scienced: In offering these instruments of science we lay before you Lord, our work, our research and quest for truth. Lead us deep Into the truth you have enshrined in the universe.

Time : The most precious of God’s gift to man. May He guide and inspire us to spend it, to serve humanity in His name and for his Glory.

Above all we pray to you Lord very specially this day for this sct of students entrusted into our care. Protect and guide them and help them realize the purpose for which they have entered the portals of this dynamic institution , bless them with maturity and motivation and strengthen their moral values. Keep them free from greed and wordly temptations and help them realize that admist all kinds of stress and strain, it is you to really matter and so Lord God you are our strength.